Custom Fitting

For many of us golfers the equipment we use is as important as receiving coaching from a professional or the courses we choose to play.


To get the most out of your game why not consider having your next club or set of clubs fitted by a professional with the most up to date fitting equipment available.  Dynamic and static fittings are undertaken to ensure you, the customer, gets the equipment that suits them best.



We specialise in Titleist, Ping and Callaway equipment to offer their full range of head, shaft and grip options so that the equipment you purchase is customized for you. 



Fitting Days @ Sandwell Park Golf Club


We often run several Golf Fitting Days with the help of thge main golf manufacturers every year.  These involve custom fit specialists from the relevant companies, complete with the latest in Launch Monitors, helping golfers to select the correct equipment.  They always have a bigger, and more exotic, range of shafts and heads than is possible to hold in stock and is a great chance to get custom fitted by an expert from the company.  Below are the fitting events we have currently booked in:


6th April 201813:00 to 17:00
 11th April 2018 14:00 to 16:00 


For more information on custom fitting, coaching or to book see details below.

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