Greens Report February 2018

March 5 2018

As I write this report the snow is melting but I feel like the ice queen because as Paul Clifton reminded me it has snowed since I took over as Chair of Greens.
I can only hope that some of you have found a window of decent weather to play golf.

If you have been out you will see the amount of work carried out by Rob and his team. They have worked through all the adverse weather felling trees and managing to finish chipping on time. I think we will see the benefits when the sun shines.

Despite comments about the condition of the bunkers it was agreed that more bunkers are in play than usual. Rob hopes to start work on some of the bunkers but we must remember that money is in short supply. Hopefully Rob and his team will do as much as they can in house. The bunker on the practice area has been improved and although costing very little will look good on entering the drive.

Look out for the Ventrak machine which will tackle bramble areas. The work on the gardens has tidied up areas at the front and rear of the clubhouse. I have asked Rob if Heather bed in front of 8th tee can also have a make over. The ditch in front of first has been cleared right through to the practice area. It was also agreed 18th Tee needs treatment.

It is agreed that future work on 15th tee and steps would a good move if the budget allows at some point as this is a great signature hole.

Rob and his staff keep us up to date on Twitter and work hard to keep the course open as much as possible so please help them.

Keep trolleys away from surrounds and repair pitch marks.


Hope you all get to play golf soon.
Pauline Hatton
Chair of Greens

Around Sandwell Park